Bang for Your Buck

Movie Quality vs. Movie Duration -- Let's say you want to maximize your time by watching the movie with the highest concentration of quality per minute. Here we explore concentration of quality measured in four ways: MetaCritic Score, IMDB Rating, Gross, and Budget. The movies chosen are the 250 titles that appear in IMDB's "Top Rated Movies" list. You can click on the buttons to change the measure.

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Notes: 1) Some movies (like 12 Angry Men and It's a Wonderful Life) do not have MetaCritic scores. 2) When including inflation, amounts are adjusted to 2015 using individual year conversion factor tables available here. 3) Despite the misleading amazon ads, "The Kid" refers to the 1921 Charlie Chaplin film, not Bruce Willis' 2000 film of the same name.

If you put stock in MetaCritic scores or how much money was spent on/earned from a movie, then it looks like the best bang for your cinematic buck are going to be Disney/Pixar animated films. The one big exception is when you look at gross earned adjusted for inflation, where "Gone with the Wind" and "Star Wars: Episode IV" rise to the top.

Below is a scatterplot of the same data, but for all 250 movies. Here the most interesting story to me is in the "Gross Earned (adj. for Inflation)" graph, where we see that "Gone with the Wind" is in its own universe.

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